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Serhat Kaner’s Silent Road 1 and Silent Road II-Deja Vu have been selected and awarded by many festivals as follows:

Winner (2):
Anatolian Short Film Festival ( Best Thriller Short Film ),  Nicomedia Film Awards ( Best Thriller)
Semi-Finalist (1): Southeastern International Film Festival (Short Narrative Film)
Official Selections (2): New York Flash Film Festival, New York Short Film Tuesdays

Written and Directed by Serhat Kaner, Cinematographer: Simon James Gill, Sound Recordist: Robert Calbimonte, Production Manager: Arzu Kaner, Drone Operator: Andrey Beynik, Production Assistant: Andrew Wallace, Script Editors: Arzu Kaner & Anibal Nobel. Cast: Anibal Nobel, Kary Tobon, Serhat Kaner, Shari Flansburg, Ira Temchin, Arielle Nickerson, Sydney Afriyie, Andrey Beynik, Mia Darling Ibáñez Risso, Andrew Wallace.

Silent Road 2- Deja Vu Teaser here:

Winner (5): Golden Wheat Awards, Gothamite Monthly Film Awards, Nicomedia International Bi-Monthly Film Awards, Megaflix Film Awards (Best Thriller and Best Poster)
Finalist (1): Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival
Honorable Mentions (2): Thrills And Chills Film Awards, Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival
Official Selections (9): New York Flash Film Festival, Focus International Film Festival, MegaFlix Film Awards, Iconic Images Film Festival, Anatolia International Film Festival, Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival, New York Istanbul Short Film Festival, Istanbul Film Awards, The Dark Fest

CAST & CREW: Leonid Grinberg (Andrew), Serhat Kaner (Fred), Elisha Jachetti(Vera), Robert Bloom(Dr.Hanks), Chris Banks (Danny), Serra Dilan (Sarah), Gene Roberts (Marty), Sylaz Ud’ee (Director), Serhat Kaner (Producer-Co-director), Berk Koca (Ast.Director), Sebastian Montjuich (Sound Mixer/Boom Operator), Hakan Bayraktar (P.A) Arzu Kaner (P.M), Serhat Filiz (Graphic Designer), Amenze Victor(D.P), Fahri Evren Kaya(P.A)

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