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Serhat Kaner has wrote and directed 2 new short movies recently:

1- Silent Road ( Horror short movie) Official Trailer!: Written and Directed by Serhat Kaner, Cinematographer: Simon James Gill, Sound Recordist: Robert Calbimonte, Production Manager: Arzu Kaner, Drone Operator: Andrey Beynik, Production Assistant: Andrew Wallace, Script Editors: Arzu Kaner & Anibal Nobel. Cast: Anibal Nobel, Kary Tobon, Serhat Kaner, Shari Flansburg, Ira Temchin, Arielle Nickerson, Sydney Afriyie, Andrey Beynik, Mia Darling Ibáñez Risso, Andrew Wallace.

Hit Back Official Trailer! Directed by Serhat Kaner, Cast: Serhat Kaner, Andray Zarytskyy, Sevda Hatipoglu, Dastan Mukhambetov, Samuel Di Fiore, Kawaii Akiona, Mark Rosa, Necdet Yilmaz, Sergei Busmanov, Ozgur Yasar. Camera Operators: Irmakhan Caglayan, Editor: Simon Gill

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